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Rumblings on the Horizon


We’re slowly spinning up for a big release sometime in the winter, so do stick around as Wejoinin gets some new shoes!

How are we preparing to launch?

  • We’re moving servers soon—stay updated as we switch over to the good folks at Slicehost. We absolutely need to move out of our Dreamhost playpen and stretch our legs on a VPS. Nothing against Dreamhost, but we really do look forward to stretching our legs and having full control over our environment. Not to mention the fact we now have the processor cycles and memory resources to run a Mongrel cluster) so we’ll get all zippy, real soon!

  • We’re going to be tweaking our interface soon and adding some features that have been requested in the past.

  • We’re going to be more strict about cross-browser testing. We’ve ignored this in the past, so you may rejoice, ye IE6 users!