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Slow and Steady Progress

Product Development

It’s been several years since we’ve last posted, but we just wanted to let you know that we’re still around, and we’re still doing our best to be relevant to your needs.

Wejoinin, as you may know, has always been a passion project for Hsiu-Fan and myself, and as so has always been run as a side project.

In this past year, we’ve done a lot of infrastructure upgrades to our system:

  • We’ve switched out email providers
  • We’ve upgraded parts of our frontend Javascript framework to use React.
  • We’ve added new ways for you to chat with us, and we’ve done our best to be responsive as we can. (We know we haven’t been as snappy in responding as we could have been – we can do better!)
  • We’ve secured the site with industry-standard SSL encryption.

Additionally, we had the graces of our intern Eli, who helped us accomplished a few major things, among them:

  • Sheet archiving and restoring
  • Refactoring and cleaning up parts of the legacy system that weren’t as clear or as clean as we’d like them to be.
  • Squashing a bunch of bugs!

Today, Wejoinin stands still as a volunteer project, steadily humming as it ever has been since 2006. We also wanted to let you know that we aren’t going away anytime soon. We know you have a lot of ideas for us – we’ve heard a bunch of them and have a few good ideas up our sleeves.

Where do you want us to go from here? Let us know in our help widget on our site!