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Ahoy! Good God… we haven’t updated this blog in three years.

Indeed… some things are changing here at Wejoinin. You might have noticed that we’ve basically been the same app for the past two years or so, and much of that has been because Hsiu-Fan and I have been balancing full-time work and other nifty ninja projects but we do admit that we’ve not been as up to snuff about keeping Wejoinin tidy and loved.

That is about to change… soon!

Early last year, we began a mythical Rails-2-to-Rails-3 upgrade that is due to be finished around the corner. In the process of doing so, we’ve beefed up our unit tests and integration test coverage to make refactoring code much easier in the future. We’ve also upgraded our server infrastructure for better and faster response times. In case any of you are wondering, I’m hoping to do a few blog posts about what that process has been like for us.

Many of you have been voicing concerns that certain parts of Wejoinin aren’t working for you. I just wanted to personally say thank you for your feedback, and we’re aware of the issues you’ve been alerting us to. I’ll be opening up a user feedback site for you to comment on different help issues and tickets you might want to send our way.

Finally, we’ve upgraded this blog to be Jekyll-powered and hosted it over at Github. Things are a’changing, and we’re excited to show you what’s next.