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Privacy Thoughts in the Wake of Facebook Beacon


There’s been a lot of noise in the blogosphere lately with concern over the Facebook Beacon. Most folks are worried about Facebook becoming the new Big Brother, recklessly lording over your personal and private data and broadcasting it to your social network.

Today I logged on to see what all the hubbub was all about, and at the top of my profile page there was a small notice notifying me that the terms of use have been updated.

An aside: who actually reads terms of service agreements?

So I clicked on over to browse the TOS and realized, wow, this thing is pretty comprehensive. Can somebody get me a translator? Where’s the part where we talk about data that comes in via the Beacon?

I actually couldn’t find anything. But something has changed. Can anybody help? Perhaps Facebook should have given us a summary of what’s new about the Terms of Service. It seems like the right thing to do, yeah?

Oh yeah, which brings me back to us: We’ve got a rather plain Terms of Service. We’re not about lording over your information, we’re more about telling you in straight talk what our aims and objectives are and how we do our best to help you along. And if we change it, we’ll do the right thing and tell you in plain, simple talk.

Cuz you know, we like you like that.