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Maintenance COMPLETE: Sunday, March 14, 2AM PST

Server Fun, Site News

EDIT: We have completed the switch. As always, please let us know if anything is broken!

It’s been long in the works, but we are finally going through with our server transition. The last time we planned this out, there were a few server issues at our new host that made us hold off the fix. Things have stabilized recently, and we’re going to go ahead and make this happen.

Hsiu-Fan, Jason and Andrew have HENCEFORTH RESOLVED:

To peform site maintenance on Wejoinin on Sunday, March 14, from 2AM-4AM PST. Did we mention it’s pi day?


That users will see minimal downtime and a nice little feature after the swap!

Thanks for your patience everyone!If you have any questions or concerns about the transition at any time, please feel free to email me (Andrew) or Hsiu-Fan.