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Switching Servers Soon, So Stay Sharp!

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We will be switching servers shortly after we ring in the New Year on the West Coast. We’re going to pull the plug for just a couple of hours at 3AM PST or so on Jan. 1 2008 and make our move from Dreamhost over to Slicehost.

When we come back online that morning, you’ll see a couple of extra features that’ll help you get your sheets up and started as quickly and easily as possible! I’ll discuss these new features on New Years’ Day.

Here’s to new years and new server homes,


(PS: this move is not, contrary to popular belief, because Andrew and I are living the good life with too much cash to spend. Simply, Dreamhost runs Ruby on Rails applications inconsistently at best.)

(PPS: the switch has been flipped. Hopefully things settle down out there in internet land soon. If the site is blindingly fast, its on the new server, otherwise its not!)

-Hsiu-Fan “code-crusher” Wang