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Incremental Updates

Development, Site News

A couple of interesting features rolling in:

  • I’ve thrown in print stylesheets for those of you who wanted to quickly print out your sheet without the interface cruft and extraneous navigational elements. Next time you’re at a sheet, just hit “print” and you’ll see your sheet come out all nice and fresh and clean!

  • Hsiu-fan’s porting our Javascript code to JQuery. Why? Perhaps he’ll explain in an upcoming post…

Some things you guys have requested:

  • Easier manipulation/selection of signup cells when you’re in the process of creating a sheet.

  • Where are those pre-built signup sheets we’ve promised?!

And some things we’ve got to get started on:

  • A better account interface.

  • A better interface to get you started on those pretty-URLs.

And some other news:

  • Hsiu-fan’s built us a hosted Rhapsody scrobbler in Python and CakePHP. If you’re a Rhapsody listener who wants to hook up your Rhapsody track history to Audioscrobbler/Last.fm, he can do that for you.