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A Pithy Post to Let You Know We're Not Dead!

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Hello hello hello!

Andrew here to remind you that Hsiu-fan and I are not dead! On the contrary, we are feverishly working away in the laboratory night and day…

Okay, well we actually have to confess that progress on this page has been slower than we had liked. That would be my fault, folks—Hsiu-fan’s got a big majority of the back-end finished up and is waiting on me to speed up with the front.

What sorts of things have we done?

Well in the short time period between June and July, we’ve thrown in all the off-hours we could and brought some new spankin’ new things to the table.

  • Wejoinin now sports a fluid layout. Thanks to our decision to go with the YUI Grids CSS framework, switching from a fixed-width to fluid layout was way easy.

  • Editing sheets just got easier with nubbins. Nubbins are little popups that appear when you hover over a table header. It allows us to give you navigational control without the clutter. Props to Hsiu-fan for a bit of CSS ninja-trickery.

  • We de-AJAXified the text fields. No, seriously, this is a good thing. We just couldn’t get the in-place editors built into Rails working to our satisfaction, and realized that in our use case, not using AJAX would be more elegant. We’ll look into this at a later date, if only to make the end-user experience smoother and tighter :D

  • We’re less ugly. It’s always nice to know that your baby gets beautiful with time.

Hold on folks! We’ve still got to throw in a bunch of things before we could consider this a “launch” product and have that slimy feeling go away. For awhile.

  • Uh, a front page. We need one. A logo would be cool too, but that’s secondary. And a MASCOT. Ooo. Plus points for flashing animated GIFs. Glossy logos, too.

  • How about a business plan? Shh.. we were thinking of living off of Paypal contributions, but we know how stingy you all are (you could, of course, prove us wrong). But we’re not very good at tricking you out of your money, either. And we’re just darn nice :)

  • Cleaning up the signup-sheet editing UI: It’s kind of clunky right now. And some AJAX would be nice (we’re trying to find the time! Really!)

  • Whack-a-bug. Oh shucks, they’re everywhere. Could you let us know if you find one or three or seventeen?

We’ll keep you updated as things get rollin’!