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Getting Started (Again) and Getting Excited

Business, Development

All’s been quiet here among us at Wejoinin for the past couple months or so. Hsiu-Fan and I have been cranking away in our respective classes and haven’t quite gotten the time to get in some work on this application.

However, we’re really thankful to those of you who use this site and continue to inform us of broken things and give us suggestions and even tell your friends!

I’ve written a little bit about how I’m taking an entrepreneurship class here at UC Berkeley in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. I’ve definitely been thinking in the past few weeks about how we can take this idea to the rest of the world, one signup at a time.

In class, we’ve had industry big shots come in and talk a lot about ideation, marketing, distribution strategies, acquiring funding and the like. It’s been an eye-opening whirlwind of learning for me.

And even though all this talk about starting a business is dandy, I can’t help but feel this greater desire to build something really sweet. Today we had PBWiki founder David Weekly in class talking about his experience starting the project on his own. And if you’ve heard it once, you need to hear it again: It doesn’t matter how cool your technology is. All that matters is that you can solve somebody’s problem, really really well.

So let’s do that. After staying dormant for a while, we think it’s time to keep Wejoinin moving forward. Last month, we added a friend and developer Jason Ting (of iPhoneSender fame) to the team. We think he’s got a lot of programming and design experience to contribute to the project. We’ll have him in here in a little bit to say hi.

Hsiu-Fan and I will drop in here when we have some breathing room to get the rest of this site up and running. Until then, you could do us a great favor by making yourself a sheet and tell us how it’s working for you.

Until next time,