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We have a bunch of cool features (alright, I agree, why didn’t we think of them earlier?) and we wanted to showcase them. Lots of pretty screenshots lie after the more link, so take a look, but in summary the new features are: adding multiple rows and columns at a time, tweaked UI for signup cells (open/close and changing signup limits), sheet templates, and more.

What’s new?

Batch Adding Rows and Columns

Now everybody can add multiple rows and columns at once!

Batch Add - Before

Batch Add - After

Set Slot Limits

It’s far easier now to set a maximum signup limit on a slot.

Edit Max Slots - Hover Just hover over a slot and click “Options”

Edit Max Slots - Dialog

Edit Max Slots - Result

Close and open slots!

It’s way easier to close and open slots to new signups. If you close a slot, all further signups there will be disabled (don’t worry, you can re-open it again at any time!)

Slot Closed

Helping you get started!

Here’s a cool feature: we’ll let you choose a template sheet from which you can get your sheet started. Say, for example, you wanted to run a 48-hour vigil. It’s a real pain in the butt to get all those rows added and named yourself. So you’ll shoot on over to our template page:

Template - Getting Started

There, you’d choose from a list of templates you’d like to view (more to come!):

Template - Tabs

Click the template you’d like to view, and voila!

Template - Example

Is this the template you’d like to use? Cool. Copy it over:

Template - Copy Button

Hello, productivity!

Template - After Import

A few more changes of note:

  • Random Sheet Code: Every sheet now contains a random “sheet code”: http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/_sheet_code_. This way nobody can guess your sheet and view it at random. That sounds like a good idea.

  • Account panel: You get an account panel that works with the usual features you’d expect: changing passwords and emails and the like.Account Panel

We’re keeping the changes coming! Let us know what you think. Thank you for those of you who’ve stuck with us and are spreading the good word about Wejoinin. We wish you many happy signups to come!