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Thanks for Your Feedback!

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Lately, Hsiu-Fan, Jason and I have been getting lots of emails from our users telling us things from “I think your site is awesome!” to “Something totally broke!” We love it!

While it’s no secret that fixing broken things is nothing to cheer about, I’ve been surprised in the past couple of months at just how much I love having interactions with you all. I love that what we do makes a difference in your lives. I love that you care enough to tell us why something isn’t working. Many of you even offer us suggestions to make Wejoinin a little friendlier, and we certainly do take everything into serious consideration.

Hsiu-Fan and I get the warm fuzzies when we get small compliments from “this is really useful” to big ones like “thanks, you guys seriously saved my life!” Well, shucks.

This is also to encourage you to email us (andrew@wejoinin.com / hsiufan@wejoinin.com) should you find something really wonky or if you’re discovering weird behavior on your sheet or if our sheets are being terribly confusing to you (we’ll do our best to make them behave).

Once again, a warm and hearty “thanks!” from your friends here at Wejoinin, -Andrew