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Signup Errors -- Big Apologies From Us

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Hey friends,

We were notified this morning to an error on our site preventing people from signing up. We checked our logs and realized—uh oh!—we’ve let a software mistake crawl onto our server for over three weeks now. This is completely unacceptable on our part, and we do sincerely apologize to those of you who assumed that we’d be jumping all over it the minute that error message popped up on your browsers. We’ve fixed the error and all sheets are now processing signups.

We understand you gave us a try with the highest faith and expectations. We’ve certainly dropped the ball, and as disappointing as it is for us, we understand more importantly that we’ve disappointed you.

If you’ve had any data loss or critical sheets that have been disabled due to this error, please contact me (andrew@wejoinin.com) to work through any resolution options.

—– This winter, we’re revamping our development and deployment processes so as to be far more rigorous before we release any changes. This means that incidences like these should not happen anymore. We thank you for the good faith many of you have been extending to us.

You’ll also start seeing some good things on the horizon: we’ll be taking your feedback from these past few months and rolling out some new interface enhancements and feature releases that will give you even more control over your data. We’re even moving to a new server that’ll make for a zippier experience.

Once again, we apologize and we sincerely hope to have you riding with us in the months ahead.

Your friend,